EDB’s exclusive “Healthy Home” Package:

  • Allergy sufferers can enjoy specially filtered warm air heating/air conditioning, making for cleaner, healthier, more comfortable living

  • Available Geothermal Heating and Cooling...no open flames, pilot lights, carbon monoxide, cleaning of the furnace, or oil and gas stored in your home.

  • State of the art humidification systems for fewer scratchy throats, less chapped hands/skin, less static electricity. Automatically adjusts for perfect humidity levels all year around.

  • Ultra high performance Cellulose Insulation is virtually fire proof, mold and mildew proof, vermin proof, non-toxic, safe for children and approximately 40% better R-Value than old fashioned fiberglass.

  • Ultra quiet bath fans that are installed with a timer to circulate and replace indoor air keeping your home healthy.

  • More comfort...higher resale...an EDB exclusive.